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13 Prime Benefits of Social Media Marketing Strategies for Business Growth

Once you understand social media, you need to have an understanding of each one of the different types of Social Media platforms. We will be talking about some of the prime benefits of social media marketing strategies in more detail, but firstly let’s talk about the history and evolution of marketing in general.

History of Social Media Marketing

In the past, social interactions were primarily face-to-face. The audience was local, and it was difficult to scale beyond your local environment. All you have to think about is being a barber or a pharmacy back in the mid-century, the 1950s, 1960s, and even into the 1970s. People were focused on their local barber or their local pharmacy. People didn’t travel, and they weren’t as connected as they are today. If you own one of those businesses and you were trying to mark it, you primarily market it to people who could actually walk into your door currently.

Let’s discuss the types of engagement, and marking wise that we saw in past generations.

If you want to market years ago, you had to put up a sign on a billboard or broadcast over whatever current technology was, whether it was the radio or the television. But a lot of advertising was done in physical print, newspapers, magazines, brochures, and things that you mail to people’s homes. We call that traditional marketing.

Evolution from Traditional Marketing

Then we begin to evolve into what we call traditional marketing, as we became more connected and computers became a part of everyday business people. People started to advertise in ways that reached beyond their local community. For instance, when email became popular, we had a mechanism to send out email blasts. The Prime Benefits of Social Media Marketing is enable to reach customers beyond the local market.

As websites begin to emerge, we started to see people advertise with banner ads or little ads on the sidebar section of the website. As people started to create their own websites for their businesses, they started to do things related to advertising on search engines. But this was not really as global as we see today.

Why do we use Social Media Marketing?

Currently, because of social media marketing, marketing has become very highly engaged. We mentioned blogs when we discussed the types of social media platforms.

So let’s say that someone has a blog about eating properly, and let’s say that they’re into a paleo diet. If you like the Paleo diet and you go to a blog every day and read about that, you might begin posting things about articles that you read on Facebook.

Facebook is a social media platform that businesses can advertise on. As they begin to see that you have an interest in the paleo diet, they can start to feed you very personalized advertising that might be interesting to someone who enjoys paleo eating. This is highly engaged marketing because these are personal relationship communities. Marketing has evolved from a very low engagement, traditional marketing, all the way up to what we see today.

What are the Prime Benefits of Social Media Marketing Strategies for Organizations?

Social Media Marketing Strategies for organizations

Let’s start by talking about an expanded online presence & Prime Benefits of Social Media Marketing Strategies to organizations.

Prime Benefits of Social Media Marketing Strategies

  • Maximum businesses had websites for a long time, but social media offers multiple avenues for getting your audience to access your information, products, and services.
  • Ideally, you have to increase the number of links to your organization’s website by posting news and articles, images, and videos on all of these social media platforms that drive traffic back.
  • Social media gives you a platform for posting articles, asking and answering questions, and providing new insights and quality content that is going. That is going to allow you to gain organic or inorganic traffic who find you helpful.
  • Another benefit of social media provide ability to conduct market research.
  • People are posting their comments, and their opinions and they’re reacting to other people positively and negatively. Just sitting back and observing and watching would allow you to learn what is important to your audience.
  • You can watch and analyze your competition to see how people are reacting to them and the move that they make.
  • Based on everything that you learn, you can adjust your outreach in your marketing messages to become stronger on your own social media, perhaps even change some of your other marketing platforms.
  • It gives you the ability to be very specific in your advertising.
  • Social media is rich with opportunities because you have customer profile information at your fingertips.
  • You can reach audiences that have been completely unavailable in the past.
  • All of the social media in terms of advertising is to give people to like you so much that they become a fan or a follower.
  • Another benefit of social media marketing strategies is the ability to just build brand awareness and brand advocacy.
  • Your brand, of course, is your identity, your image, and all of the things that surround what you offer as an organization. And so Social media is going to allow you to expand your online presence and drive traffic to your websites, to your information.
  • Social Media gives you a platform for putting out your event details, updates, and resources that would be valuable to anyone who’s going to be involved.
  • You can post frequently asked questions and support directions on social media platforms.
  • Social media provides customer support and relationship management. You wanna make it easy for your customers to gain access to technical support, and information about your products, if they have a problem or need a return something, you want them to have a mechanism for getting the information they need.

Best Social Media Marketing Strategies for Organizations

  • Every business wants to be known as an expert in its industry. And you have to use as many opportunities as you can for demonstrating your expertise.
  • People read content that you posted, like things, and share content, that’s going to increase your search engine optimization.
  • The number & types of backlinks that are out there for Google and other search engines to index. Gonna generate all of that traffic related to your brand Websites.
  • If somebody likes your product and your brand so much that they’ll post their thoughts about it on their Facebook page, they become an advocate for you. And that’s free marketing involves the benefit of social media to improve event management.
    • Now, what do we mean by an event? – It could be anything from a book signing to a convention. It could be that you’re having a launch party for a new product, a ribbon cutting, or any type of business-related event social.
  • You can set up technical support on all different types of social media platforms if the customer has a problem or need a return something or have any question.
  • People are already on social media, and so if they have an issue, they wanna be able to take their issue to you on social media. This platform allows organizations to respond quickly, and escalate issues when they need to be escalated. Organizations can also track posted questions by clients and customers.
  • Another benefit to an organization would be to engage and motivate employees. This is something people don’t commonly think about. Organizations think about their customers, but they have people who work for the growth of the organization, and employees want to feel connected.
  • You enhance employee motivation because they feel more connected.

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