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10 Important Types of Backlink in SEO

In today’s era, all major businesses have transformed from traditional marketing to digital marketing. Due to digital transformations, competition between companies is increasing day by day. Improving the visibility of a website is the priority of a growing or well-established business organization. Types of backlink in SEO are one of the components of digital marketing that are equally important things that help your website rank on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, and others. In addition, creating relevant backlinks with decent DA & PA will play an essential role in boosting the website.

Search Engine Optimization is a unique process and technique by which websites generate unpaid or organic traffic from search engine results. The first thing to remember is off-page optimization or gaining quality backlinks to your website, of course, supports your site by increasing domain authority.

Getting safe, relevant backlinks from authority and recognizing websites can easily rank your website in search engine results.

Here we will explain significant types of backlink in SEO used by White HAT, Grey HAT, and Black HAT professionals that can positively impact the ranking of your website. If you want to improve your website rank on search engine result pages, you have to build up skills for using SEO tools with Keyword research techniques.

What is White HAT SEO?

It is essential to realize that Google and other search engines recommend only the White HAT optimization technique. It consists of creating quality content that can genuinely help users or visitors. Search engines always seek uniqueness in the posted articles on your website.

Types of Backlink in SEO in White HAT

The first thing to remember is that only the white HAT activity can maintain the integrity and reputation of your website. If you are not going to adapt to this technique, you might get banned from Google and other search engine result pages. If you want detailed knowledge of this technique, you can visit the Google SEO starter guide.

In general White HAT Search Engine Optimization always includes the following way of action techniques:-

  • Quality and uniqueness of content.
  • Relevancy of content with proper use of keywords.
  • Inbound link.
  • Utilization of keywords in titles and meta descriptions.
  • Optimize the loading time of the website.

Types of Backlink in SEO by White HAT Activities:-

  • Article Submission.
  • Business Listing.
  • Infographic Submission.

What is Article Submission Activity in SEO?

At present, article submission is one of the most preferred and genuine types of backlink in SEO. Whenever a marketer submits unique, plagiarism-free, and relevant content to the free or paid article submission site, your website gets organic traffic with high authority backlinks through the site where the article is submitted. This activity comes under the off-page optimization technique.

  • Article Submission Activity in SEO is one of the essential off-page activities a business can conduct. At the same time, it can significantly increase a company’s visibility. Most people who are new to SEO, miss out on some of the essential aspects of article submission.
  • It is necessary to follow the proper guidelines when submitting an article to attract readers. Listed below are some of the best ways to optimize your articles for maximum exposure.
  • In article submission, you have to write plagiarism-free and relevant content related to your business or any article and submit it to the article submission sites.
  • One of the earliest methods of creating effective types of backlinks for a website is through article submission. By writing and submitting articles to authority websites, you can obtain a do-follow link that will help your website achieve higher rankings.
  • This strategy is time-consuming types of backlink and does not guarantee that your website will receive a single click. In addition, you will have to spend significant time and money on article submission to see any results from it.
  • Using your main keywords is an excellent way to build a lifetime link from the most famous article submission directories.
  • Many editors will read articles submitted by your website, so you can be sure that the content will be relevant to the content of your website.
  • When submitting articles, it is essential to use your primary keyword in the title.
  • It is an easy way to boost your backlinks, and it is crucial to remember that a high-quality backlink will significantly impact your site’s ranking.
Advantages of Article Submission
  • Improves online visibility.
  • Greater reach.
  • Generates Organic Traffic.
  • Build Effective back link for your website.
  • Brand awareness.

Some of the Article submission site lists:-

Important parameters come under Article submission activities:-

  • Content should contain 800 to 1000 words.
  • The article must have keywords-rich titles.
  • Plagiarism-free content with relevancy.

What is Business Listing in SEO?

Business listing is the best types of backlink in SEO that use to maximize visibility in searches of your listed business. Listing your business enhances visibility in social media, review sites, search engines, and overall growth.

It is essential to make your Business Listing consistent across all the different directories, especially if you have multiple listings. The number of backlinks to your website is a significant factor in the domain rating. So, keep your information accurate.

Firstly, upload images or logos. You can also list your products and services on these sites. If you want to rank high in search engine results, your content should be unique for each directory.

What’s more? When you register your business, there are variables to edit like Business name, local address, website address, contact numbers, business identity & registration.

Some benefits of business listing of your business:-

  • Play an important role in marketing, brand awareness, and customer acquisition.
  • Building trust with the help of customer reviews.
  • Strengthen the reputation of your registered business.
  • Building trust by word of mouth.

List of preferred free business listing website list:-

  • Google My Business.
  • Yelp.
  • Facebook.
  • Instagram.
  • Pinterest.
  • Glassdoor.
  • Foursquare.

Infographic Submission for Search Engine Optimizations

It is a types of backlinks that consist graphical content can attract much more audience attention in social media than text content. In SEO, quality backlinks play an important role in off-page optimization. Infographics submission creates graphics with suitable resolutions consisting of crisp and direct intimation.

The right way to build Infographics

  • Only use bullet points.
  • The infographic should be well structured.
  • Select the proper resolution for the infographic.
  • Use of proper color contrast.
  • You can use Canva,, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Coral Draw, and many more tools for infographic creation.
  • Insert limited data into your infographic with a stunning and attractive design.

Benefits of Infographic submission

  • It makes your message or content exciting and engaging.
  • Easy to share.
  • It helps in building a relationship.
  • Infographics can simplify complicated information.

What is Gray HAT SEO?

A Gray HAT SEO combines white HAT and black HAT activities. Grey HAT optimization is not a good practice to adopt because it does not follow all the official guidelines of Google or other search engines optimization. It is a technique that helps in the instant growth of organic traffic, but not a safe process. Exploitation. of the official guidelines of any search engines may cause suspension of your website.

Types of Backlink in SEO in Gray HAT

Types of Backlinks in Grey HAT Search Engine Optimization

Here are the some technique of backlink used in Grey HAT Search engine optimization:-

  • Web 2.0 & 3.0 Submission.
  • Social bookmarking sites.
  • Guest blogging.

What comes under Web 2.0 submission?

Web 2.0 is something by which user can share their content, information, data, suggestion, review and any other allowed content for the benefit of using popular blog sites

Web 2.0 submission site list:-

  • Wix.
  • Weebly.
  • Cabanova.
  • Site123.
  • Blogger.
  • WordPress.
  • Google sites.
  • Yola.
  • Mystrikingly.

Getting Backlinks from Social bookmarking Sites

Bookmarking activity includes multiple or excess submissions of your website links with decent content as a description on Social bookmarking submission sites. If posting your latest post or any content on social bookmarking sites with high DA, that will never harm your website’s ranking, but it can surely boost decent traffic.

List of social bookmarking submission sites where you can submit your links:-

  • Digg
  • Folkd
  • Slashdot
  • Tumblr

What are Guest blogging and link exchange?

Guest blogging is a types of backlinks that comes under grey HAT SEO. You can request to publish your article on a third-party website, which can surely give benefits. An activity like link exchange can quickly transfer the traffic of one website to another website, but you should always relevance of the site:-

How to research that third-party website is the best option for your publications?

  • Inspect content relevancy.
  • Explore traffic details with Geo locations.
  • Domain and Page authority.
  • Types of targeted audience.
  • Benefits of Guest blogging
  • By guest blogging, you can transfer the traffic from one website by creating relevant, meaningful, and attractive content.

Benefits of Guest blogging

  • It can give the benefits of link juice.
  • Increase range and coverage on the internet of your website.
  • This technique is the best way to promote and increase brand awareness.

What comes under Black HAT SEO?

Black HAT SEO practices are unethical and do not follow search engines’ guidelines. Appearing in search engine results with the help of black HAT Is not the right way. If the search engine detects any unethical activities and spammy backlinks, the website may ban from the search engine result page.

Types of Backlink in SEO in Black HAT

It includes practices like building links from non-recommended websites or spam sites, making duplicate content, Keyword stuffing, creating irrelevant content, Blog command spam.

Types of Backlinks comes under Black HAT

  • Multiple blog commenting.
  • Forum posting on irrelevant website.
  • Guestbook.
  • Paid links.

Why does Black HAT SEO still exist?

  • It can give you an immediate boost in traffic, but it is a short time duration benefit.
  • For fast indexing of website pages.

What should you avoid?

  • Avoid plagiarism, keyword stuffing, article spinning, links building, Bog commenting, invisible text, and paid backlink creations.
  • Abnormal interlinking.
  • Overused anchor text.
  • Creating backlinks from spammy for relevant websites.
  • Black hat activity is a very risky activity search engine algorithms can easily catch it by search engines.


Types of Backlinks are essential for the website for search engine optimization. However, the most important thing to be aware when building links is that it’s always about the quality of your link, and the number of links isn’t that important.
Make a link-building strategy in that you aim to get top-quality backlinks from websites with high authority and never compromise the quality standards of your website. Create and showcase engaging content which can help you create natural backlinks to and from your site. It will improve your SEO rankings significantly.

Frequently Asked Question – Types of Backlink in SEO

What type of backlinks are the strongest?

Here are the points you can detect the strongest backlinks.
1. DR & PR of backlink.
2. Platforms from where you get backlink.
3. Zero spam score.
4. Qnique or plagiarism free and engaging content.
5. Relevancy.

Why are backlinks important in SEO?

1. It drives website ranking on SERP.
2. Improve domain authority.
3. Improves brand recognition.

How many backlinks per month is safe?

At most 25-40 per month don’t effect your website.

How to check competitors backlinks?

Via following SEO tools you can check the backlinks of competitors:-
1. Ahref.
2. MOZ.
3. Semrush.
4. Ubersuggest.

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